NEW COLLECTION RagBug Unique hand made clothes designed to enhance your style to the extent you deserve shop now arrow_right_alt NEW COLLECTION Rag Look Effortless urban style, with expert craftsmanship made with the highest quality fabrics to rock the RAGS look in comfort and style SHOP NOW trending_flat NEW COLLECTION Bug Delight If you'd like your clothes to reflect your style
and inner nature, this may be the class for you
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RagBug is a high-end casual couture with an avangardist touch and high quality fabrics, born from dreams that come alive through unique creation as a limited edition series.

These garments are fashionable and unique, but more importantly, they are promoting the expression of individuality to both high fashion and urban cultures.

Our concept reflects the natural way humankind evolves through awareness, vision, and value, leaving the old world behind.



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