Please, refer to our general Terms and conditions for details.

In case of a return, you should contact us at or by filling out and sending us the Return Form.
Please enter all the required information in the form and in the message box state which items you would like to return, and the reasons for your return if such reasons are relevant for your return claim.

If we do not answer in 3 days after your return request, it means that somehow we have not got your mail or you don’t get our reply, so please call us on the telephone number shown on our website between 10:00 and 17:00 h, Eastern European Standard Time.

We accept your return only in case the purchased articles of clothing, shoes, or accessories (products) are to be returned in their original condition, as follows:

–       having all the original product authenticity tags still attached;

–       having all textile labels still attached;

–       products have not been washed or altered in any way and do not show any visible or non-visible signs of use, such as stains, marks, spots, bad odor, or signs of wear, tear, or damage;

–       underwear (like lingerie and all kinds of undergarments) must be returned in sealed original package;

–       underwear (like lingerie and all kinds of undergarments) with unsealed packaging shall not be accepted for return;

–       all other products must be places within the original packaging, folded with due care (it is not a problem if the packaging was cut or damaged while opened).

If this is not the case, we reserve the right not to accept your return, and to send the product back to your address, while the shipment costs will be on your charge.

We suggest, when trying on items, please make sure that you are not wearing a perfume that may leave a scent or marks on the item. Also please keep away from cigarette smoke or any other kind of smoke. We recommend you to fold the item after trying it on, to put it back in its original package, and to close/stick back the envelope, in order to prevent any contact of the product with odors and/or other external factors and to avoid the risk of impairing its original condition. For some materials, wrinkling may also represent irreversible damage to the original condition of the product.

Wholesale purchases are not accepted for return. Products purchased by self-employed professionals or business entities, within the scope of their habitual business activity, are not eligible for return.

Purchases for professional purposes or used for professional purposes are not accepted for return. Examples of professional purposes include any kind of cinematographic productions or photo shoots (photographic sessions) or any kind of entertainment shows, performances, presentations or concerts, exhibitions, or fashion shows. In all such cases, please contact RagBug prior to the purchase.



In case of a return, you have to contact us at or by filling out and sending us the Return Form, no longer than 3 days after delivery. In response, you will receive instructions for returning, which is in your best interest to strictly observe. Once your return request has been approved, you have 3 working days to send the product back and you must provide us with the tracking number of the shipment within this three days period.

DHL shipping only: In order to avoid undue delay and customs formalities, we accept returns from outside the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) only if sent via DHL shipping service worldwide. For using discount prices for returns through DHL, please follow the instructions below:

We can arrange for you a DHL Pickup Request using our DHL account number. The shipping price will not be reimbursed by RagBug and it will be deducted from the amount of your refund. You should ask DHL beforehand about how to pack the parcel for a lower shipping price, keeping in mind that if you use a box the price will be calculated according to its volumetric weight. In that respect, we suggest that you use DHL plastic bag, if possible.

Please note, that all customs duties and taxes, if there are any, will be at the buyer’s expense.



In case of a return, you have to contact us at or by filling out and sending us the Return Form no longer than 14 days after delivery.

We have no requirements regarding the method of delivery, as long as it is trackable and safe.

The items returned are your responsibility and risk until they reach our warehouse, so make sure they are packed up properly and cannot get damaged on the way.

Please note that if you are in a hurry you should choose a faster delivery method. We would not be able to refund you before receiving your return and verifying its condition. If you use your National post service the delivery usually takes 7-14 working days. You should check this before choosing the shipping method.

We expect to receive the tracking number of the shipment within 3 days after receiving the approval of your return request. 



Once received, if the items are in their original condition we will refund you by your original payment method within 14 days from arrival. It can take up to 15 business days for the funds to appear back in your account, depending on your bank or your card or payment service provider.

Please note that working days do not include weekends and official holidays.

The shipping costs are at the buyer’s expense.

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